New York City: Pizza Master List

Food listicles are a fact of life… it’s the rubbernecking of the online culinary world. The thing I find egregious are lists that forego methodology. You get a 100-word lead that conveys range of styles and geography, a cheese or pizza pun, and either a claim at expertise or an attempt to hide a lack of any. “What places did you go to that didn’t make the cut?” I want to ask. Dollar slice to donuts the answer is “zero” or worse, “I didn’t leave the office.”

You can give big name publications like Food & Wine or Food Network a pass on the practice because, you can argue, they’re putting reputations on the line. But any list declaring itself “definitive” or “ultimate” should otherwise raise a flag. It can mean an intern wrote it or spots were selected just for geographical balance. Worse? When lists add nothing to the conversation. It may even be the bigger sin.

This is an attempt to look at all the “best” places most commonly cited by local and national publications to compile a master list of critics’ picks of New York City’s destination pies. (This isn’t even all of them, by the way… omitted are lists from: Best Products, Free Tours By Foot, Foursquare, Central Park Tours NYC, City Rover Walks, Deputy, NYHabitat, TravelAlphas, Travel Ranked, Girl With the Passport,, Fathom Away, UberEATS, and Ranker.)

This Pizza Master List is a collection of 334 pizzerias (18 have since closed) collected from 81 lists created by 61 publications, including notes on their methodologies. (Think I missed one? After pulling all this data, I don’t want to know. Kidding, kidding. If you think there’s a list that should be added, hit me up.) Recommendations are from across the five boroughs and Jersey City (which, thanks to Pete Wells has become part of New York City).

You could make a case that this map is a checklist of places pizza list writers should be forced to visit at least a sixth of (about 50 spots) to establish their pizza bona fides before penning anything else that purports to be “definitive.” How many have I hit? At last count, 142. Fair warning though, several specious lists have added some dubious contenders to the mix. — Arthur Bovino (April 11, 2019)

“Consider this a master list of critics’ picks of New York City’s destination pies.”

This “Pizza Master List” is a collection of 334 pizzerias culled from 81 lists created by 61 publications

How many have you been to?

INFATUATION: The 20 Best Pizza Places In NYC

To compile its list, Infatuation tapped five writers who “consumed several hundred slices and many dozens of pies” then “went through grueling rounds of discussion, deliberation, and voting.” Kudos on that. Its 20 spots: Lucali, Razza, Di Fara, Roberta's, Rubirosa, Totonno, Emmy Squared, Prince Street Pizza, Ops, L&B Spumoni Gardens, Joe's Pizza, Emily, Paulie Gee's, Pasquale Jones, Best Pizza, Denino's, Patsy's Pizza, Lee's Tavern, Speedy Romeo, and Joe & Pat's. Razza’s great, but we’ll have Pete Wells to thank in perpetuity for Manhattan annexing Jersey City. (List undated)


SERIOUS EATS: The 27 Pizza Spots That Define New York Slice Culture

One of the most reliable best-of New York City lists you’ll find. The hed even makes the case it’s not a a best-of! Ed Levine wrote “Slice of Heaven,” Adam Kuban founded Slice, and then there’s Scott Weiner of Scott’s Pizza Tours. It started as a master list of New York slices you have to eat before you die, then got broken into three categories (Revivalists, Classics, and Neighborhood Favorites). There's a definition of a New York slice, they took six months to research, included plain slices only, did individual pizza spelunking then gathered to eat at more than 20 places together over two days. Now that’s methodology! The list: Best Pizza, Corner Slice, L'Industrie, Mama's Too, My Pie Pizzeria Romana, Scarr's, Sofia Pizza Shoppe, Williamsburg Pizza, Di Fara, Joe & Pat's, Joe's, L&B, Louie & Ernie's, New Park Pizza, Suprema, Patsy's, Rizzo's, Louie's, Ciccio's, Dani's House of Pizza, Delmar, J&V Pizza, Little Luzzo's, Luigi's Pizza, Nunzio's, Sac's Place, and Sal & Carmine.

BLOOMBERG: The Best Pizza in New York City, According to Top Chefs

There’s not much to argue about when it comes to bunch of chefs naming their favorite spots. In this case, Bloomberg’s Kate Krader taps Josh Capon, Michael Anthony, Michael Symon, Dominique Ansel, Daniel Humm, David Chang, Mathhew Hyland, Missy Robbins, Alain Ducasse, Alex Guarnaschelli, Jonthan Waxman, and Andrew Carmellini who singled out: Di Fara, Franny's Pizza (since closed), Joe's, Kesté, John's of Bleecker Street, Margot's, Lucali, Pasquale Jones, Marta, Motorino, Roberta's, and Prince Street.

(List published December, 2016)


CNN: These are New York City's best pizza restaurants

A list of 14 places CNN selected using this methodology: “These pizzerias take the time to source the freshest ingredients and make sure each pie is made to perfection.” Whatever that means. Included: Beebe's, Best Pizza, Denino's Pizzeria and Tavern, Di Fara, Emily, John's of Bleecker Street, Juliana's, Louie & Ernie's, Lucali, Prince Street Pizza, Roberta's, Totonno's, and Una Pizza Napoletana.

(List last updated November, 2018)


FORBES: New York's 10 Best Pizza Joints

Forbes turns to the influencer world (Alexa Mehraban of @eatingnyc) for its top 10 list. Count the following pizzerias among @eatingnyc’s top 10 spots: Prince Street Pizza, L&B Spumoni Gardens, Joe’s Pizza, Roberta’s, Paulie Gee’s, Rubirosa, Joe & Pat's, Rizzo’s Fine Pizza, Emily, Lucali’s [sic].

(List last updated October, 2018)

DELISH: The 20 Absolute Best Pizzas In NYC

Self-described as “objectively the only pizza round-up you need,” this list has no methodology: Artichoke, B Squared, Corner Slice, Emily (WV) Joe's, John's of Bleecker Street, Kesté, Lil' Frankies, Lombardi's, Marta, Motorino (UWS), Pasquale Jones, Patsy's, Pizzeria Sirenetta, Prince Street Pizza, Roberta's (Manhattan), Rubirosa, Scarr's, Speedy Romeo, and Una Pizza Napoletana. (List updated August, 2018.


THRILLIST: The Best Pizza in New York City

Thrillist features a double byline and calls its list a “time-tested, ever-updated pizza bible” and presents it without methodology. Its 38 spots include: Giuseppina’s, Adelina’s, Corner Slice, Santa Panza, NY Pizza Suprema, Ops, Speedy Romeo, Di Fara, Prince Street, Lucali, Patsy's, Motorino, Totonno's, Roberta's, Joe & Pat's, Joe's, Paulie Gee's, Mario's, Juliana's, L&B, Sottocasa, Denino's, Zero Otto Nove, Best Pizza, Emily, Ribalta, Rosa's, Pasquale Jones, Brother's Pizzeria, Kesté, Gloria, Archie's Bar & Pizza, Barboncino, Bruno Pizza, Gristmill, Una Pizza Napoletana, Rubirosa, and Milkflower.

(List last updated August, 2018)

TRIPSAVVY: The 15 Best Pizza Places in NYC

TripSavvy doesn't state that it used any methodology at all but it does at least include pizza blogger I Dream of Pizza's Jason Feirman as one of its three authors on the piece (the other bylines belong to Elissa Gray and Heather Cross). It calls the 15 spots on the list “pilgrimage-worthy,” which save a handful, is mostly hard to argue with: Roberta's, Patsy's, Di Fara, Lombardi's, Lucali, L&B, Totonno's, Kesté, Prince Street, Motorino, Artichoke, Nick's Pizza, Joe's, Joe & Pat’s, and Paulie Gee’s.

(List last updated March, 2019)

FOOD NETWORK: The Best Pizza in New York City

Food Network doesn’t explain the methodology it used to come up with its list but it does laudably make the case that New York City should drop its “Big Apple” nickname in favor of being called, “the Big Pizza.” Seconding that. Its 22 spots surprise by including a Chicago import and a rarely mentioned Ridgewood, Queens spot. The list: Speedy Romeo, Emily, Lombardi's, L&B, Corner Slice, Di Fara, Lucali, Martina (closed), Pasquale Jones, Patsy's, Roberta's, Best Pizza, Emmett's, Artichoke, Kesté, Paulie Gee's, Totonno's, Ops, Joe's, Houdini Kitchen Lab, John's of Bleecker Street, and Prince Street. (List undated)

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 1.51.12 PM.png

AFAR: Grab the Perfect Slice at These 9 Best Spots for Pizza in New York City

No methodology: Emily, Lucali, Ops, Prince Street, Best Pizza, Roberta's, Juliana's, Denino's, and Razza.

(List last updated December, 2018)


NEW YORK POST: The 6 best slices of pizza in NYC

The Post’s list would really have more aptly been headlined, “New York City’s Newest Best Slices.” But you know… less clicks. Also, Baker’s opened a while before the others and Lions & Tigers doesn’t sell slices—they only sell whole pies that come four slices to a pie. But don’t let those facts get in the way of these six spots 🤣: Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop, PQR, Mama's Too, Lions & Tigers & Squares, Di Fara, and Baker's Pizza & Espresso.

(List published September, 2018)


DEPARTURES: The 10 Best Pizza Slices in New York

Departures doesn't say how it narrowed down its list of places but divides its into categories (best Sicilian, classic slice, etc.) and slots these 10 places into them: Prince Street, Patsy's, Suprema, Di Fara, Rubirosa, Screamer's Pizzeria, The Pizza Barn, Joe's, Vezzo Thin Crust, and Archie's Pizza.

(List published August, 2018)


CNTRAVELER: 19 Best Places for Pizza in New York City

No methodology. Three less frequently cited spots? Lil’ Frankie’s, John’s of Times Square, and Circa. The full list: Sottocasa, Paulie Gee's, Roberta's, Lil' Frankie's, Prince Street, Lucali, Motorino, Kesté, Emmy Squared, Circa Brewing Co., Di Fara, Patsy's, Martina (closed), John's of Bleecker Street, Joe's, John's of Times Square, Joe & Pat's, Speedy Romeo, and Pasquale Jones.

(List published March, 2018)


“Self-taught pizza connoisseurs” who have “done the not-so-painstaking work of narrowing” New York City’s best pizzerias down for you. Truly mystifying picks, Bleecker Street Pizza manages to make it twice somehow (slides 11 and 19), and the “narrowing” consists of 85 places. Too many to list here. Buyer beware: So many mediocre slices.

(List published October, 2015)


Scott doesn’t call this a best-of list but actions speak pretty loudly here… these are the 55 spots he openly notes he takes tours to. Methodology? There are few more well-versed pizza people in New York City. The guy says he’s eaten more than 5,000 slices over the past five years. Case closed. The spots? Too many to list here. They’ve been added to the map.


ZAGAT: Best Pizza Restaurants in NYC

Zagat’s been in a bit of a purgatory between its Google and Infatuation ownerships but it looks like it may start up again. Their last pizza list was published in 2016 and included eight spots, the top-rated pizza restaurants in New York City from their 2015 survey: Juliana's, Emily, Lucali, San Matteo Pizza Espresso Bar, Roberta's, Paulie Gee's, Di Fara, and Rubirosa.

(List published October, 2016)

MICHELIN GUIDE: The Best Pizza Spots in NYC

Michelin's inspectors ostensibly picked these seven spots, though it's not said how they were selected, or what guided them in the process: “These seven spectacular pizza joints in the Big Apple deliver all the right flavors.” The spots: Emily, Houdini Kitchhen Laboratory, Kesté, Don Antonio by Starita, Luzzo's, San Matteo, and Sottocasa.

(List published November, 2018)

GOTHAMIST: The 24 Best Pizza Places In NYC

Love Gothamist, but while this list says they “painstakingly ranked our favorite pizzerias in the five boroughs,” there’s no explanation of how. The 24 places that made this methodology-free list are divided into slices, dollar slices, fancy pies, and classics: Louie and Ernie's, Williamsburg Pizza, Suprema, Joe's, Broadway Joes, Sal & Carmine, Tony's Pizza, Best Pizza, Percy's Pizza, Paulie Gee's, Kesté, Motorino, Roberta's, Emily, Lucali, Di Fara, Totonno's, Denino's, L&B, Juliana's, Patsy's, Lee's Tavern, Brother's Pizzeria, and New Park Pizza.

(List published September, 2015)


METRO: NYC's 13 Best Pizza Restaurants

No methodology: Lombardi's, Juliana's, Nino's, Motorino, Lucali, Rocky's, Barboncino, Joe's, L&B, Roberta's, Pizza Loves Emily, Fornino, and Di Fara.

(List published April, 2016)


POSTMATES: The Best Pizza in NYC is the Kind You Can Get Delivered — These Are Our Top Pies in New York

Postmates has a vested interest here in that “whether you’re chillin’ on your couch in your living room (that’s also your kitchen), or just posting up with friends at an LES bar when you start to get hungry,” they want you to “hit Postmates up for a slice”. Their methodology is presumably the restaurants on their platform. But here are their “best” recs anyway: Joe’s Pizza, Bleecker Street Pizza, Artichoke, Arturo’s, Roberta’s at UrbanSpace Vanderbilt, Olio e Piú, and Ribalta.

(List published December, 2017)


JETSETTER: Where to Find the Best Pizza in NYC

An even sparser intro than most other lists and no methodology stated: “NYC is rich in a lot of things—architecturally innovative skyscrapers, world-renowned cultural institutions, and oh...yeah, really freaking good pizza. From the boonies of Brooklyn to midtown Manhattan, these are our 10 favorite places to grab a slice.” The spots: Pizza Loves Emily, L&B, Di Fara, Paulie Gee’s, Roberta’s, Motorino, Speedy Romeo, Grimaldi’s, Joe’s, and Zero Otto Nove.

(List published February, 2018)

Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 10.23.51 PM.png

MUNCHIES: These Are the 16 Best Pizza Spots in New York City

Munchie’s list is a tease for their full picks, which are available via their New York City Guide: Roberta's, Di Fara, Speedy Romeo, Dani's House of Pizza, GG’s (closed), Lucali, Prince Street, Best Pizza, Paulie Gee's, Joe's, Archie's, Motorino, Rosario's Pizza, DaVinci Pizzeria, J&V, and Sal's Pizzeria. Weird hero photo to pick for this piece.

(List published July, 2016)


FOOD REPUBLIC: Pizza Poetry: Action Bronson’s New York Slice Map

Action Bronson’s slice picks: “In New York, tell me where you can’t get a decent slice. Any neighborhood, anywhere, you can pretty much get a decent slice. But let me take you to the back blocks, where the locals walk, for my six favorite slices.” Can’t argue with that. The list is excerpted from his book F*ck, That's Delicious: An Annotated Guide to Eating Well. The six spots include: New Park Pizza, Alfie's Pizza, Dani's House of Pizza, Lucia Pizza, Napoli Pizzeria & Restaurant, and L&B.


THE NEW YORK TIMES: Best Pizza in N.Y.C.: Try These 10 Slices

Restaurant critic Pete Wells wades into the pizza debate with a top 10 slices list that includes: Mama's Too, Joe's, L&B, Williamsburg Pizza, Loring Place, Scarr's, New Park Pizza, Patsy's, PQR, and Paulie Gee's Slice Shop.


FIRST WE FEAST: The Best Pizza in NYC for Every Budget

Full disclosure: I wrote this one. The idea was to find the single best slice or pie at every price point, from .99 cents to $30. The methodology? There were 31 price points so 31 places picked. Prices are pre-tax: menu prices, not check prices. Next, because slices and pies are intertwined with our associations with pizza, and given you can’t find pies under $7.50, we included both. To avoid pizza pedantry and search for the best pie at every dollar level, we examined every style and eschewed a baseline. I can tell you that settling on the places at each category took hours, review, then more hours.


TIMEOUT NEWYORK: The definitive ranking of the best pizza in New York City

Full disclosure: I wrote this “definitive” list. Well, not the most recent one, but the version published in 2015. There’s no stated methodology but the one I employed was to seriously try to use all the research and firsthand experiences I’ve had over a lifetime eating pizza in New York City to create a respectable list. It was then jeujed by an editor. The most recent version of the list was updated November, 2018 and includes: Juliana’s, Suprema, Lucali, Giuseppina, Joe & Pat's, Paulie Gee's, Rubirosa, Di Fara, Totonno's, Rizzo's, Louie & Ernie's, L&B, Arturo's, Patsy's, Roberta's, Sofia Pizza Shoppe, Speedy Romeo, Emmy Squared, Una Pizza Napoletana, Emmett's, Pizza Moto, Saraghina, Denino's, Antika, Amore Pizzeria, Pugsley Pizza, Milkflower, Pizza Cotta Bene, and Sal & Carmine.


EATER: New York City's 25 Most Iconic Pizzerias

No methodology, and a few questionable picks (Rose & Joe’s? Zero Otto Nove?), but Eater lays their rep down on it. The spots: Di Fara, Grimaldi's, Joe and Pat's, Joe's, John's of Bleecker Street, L&B, Lee's Tavern, Lombardi's, Louie & Ernie's, Lucali, Motorino, New Park Pizzeria, Nunzio's, Patsy's, Paulie Gee’s, Rizzo's, Roberta's, Rose & Joe's Italian Bakery, Sal & Carmine's, Totonno's, Zero Otto Nove, Kesté, Arturo's, Prince Street, and Denino's.


GRUB STREET: The Absolute Best Neapolitan Pizza in New York

The Robs weigh in with their picks for the city's best Neapolitan. No stated methodology, but a good setup: "During the Great Neapolitan Pizza Invasion of the middle aughts, many New Yorkers felt they had to choose a side. But in the end, the lines blurred: Naples-style pizza seeped into our hometown pizza consciousness, influencing our best pizza chefs, while New York’s tastes and appetites subtly transformed by-the-book Neapolitan pizza, creating something arguably better than both." The spots: Ribalta, L’Amico, Kesté, Paulie Gee’s, and PN Wood Fired Pizza.

(List published June, 2016)


Grub Street: The Absolute Best Slice of Pizza in New York

Grub Street doesn't state a methodology for any of its "absolute best" roundups. Presumably they're based on reviews by the Robs and Platt, and not just the bylined author for each piece. Then again... who knows. Grub Street’s roundup of best slices, written by Chris Crowley, includes: Joe’s Pizza, Joe & Pat’s, Prince St. Pizza, Williamsburg Pizza, and Patsy’s.

(List published June, 2016)


GRUB STREET: The Absolute Best New Square Slice of Pizza in New York

A pretty thin setup from the Robs but the “new” qualifier limits the pool of potential candidates to choose from. Their list: PQR, Mama’s Too!, Alla Pala, Mani in Pasta, Di Fara Pizza at North 3rd Street Market, Lions & Tigers & Squares,

(List published July, 2018)


TASTING TABLE: Where to Eat Great Pizza Near NYC’s Hottest Tourist Attractions

Tasting Table taps pizza expert Scott Weiner of Scott's Pizza Tours to pick spots near the Met, Times Square, MSG, The High Line, and Little Italy. They're all logical, reliable, if unsurprising picks: Farinella, Don Antonio, Suprema, Brunetti, and Prince Street.

(List published September, 2017)


Harper’s Bazaar: #ChicEats: New York's Best Pizza

No methodology stated for this list, an installment of Harper’s Bazaar’s weekly column that “covers the chicest food and restaurants.” Their favorite spots include: Motorino, Juliana's, Best Pizza, Otto Enoteca e Pizzeria, Marta, Pizza Beach, and Luzzo's.

(List published October, 2016)


TASTING TABLE: NYC Pizza That Goes Beyond the Dollar Slice

"Pizzas worth eating with actual silverware—because a sprinkle of red pepper flakes is nothing compared to a dusting of edible gold." The spots: Pasquale Jones, Loring Place, Marta, Industry Kitchen, Bar Gonzo, Sofia Pizza Shoppe, and Fornino.

(List published December, 2017)


SECRET NYC: 10 Of New York City’s Best Dollar Slices

Perhaps the most amazing example of list incompetence you’ll ever come across. This “best dollar slice” list includes six places that don’t sell by the slice and none of the ones that do sell slices sell them by the dollar. You truly have to try to write a list this bad: Grimaldi’s, Lombardi’s, Emily, Speedy Romeo, Lucali, Joe’s, Best Pizza, Di Fara, Motorino, and Roberta’s. Kudos to you Secret NYC, you get advertising money? A new low.

(List published August, 2018)



Reserve Direct’s travel expert Ashley's picks: Lombardi’s Pizzeria, John’s of Times Square, John’s of Bleecker Street, Don Antonio by Starita, Grimaldi’s, Di Fara, Paulie Gee’s, Kesté, Roberta’s, and Motorino.

(List publisehd March. 2019)


BUZZFEED: 5 Pizza Spots In NYC That Are Open Until 4 A.M.

These pizzerias are open until 4 a.m.: Joe's, Artichoke, Ben's, Stromboli, East Village Pizza.


SPOILED NYC: Simply Delicious: The Definitive Guide to the Best Pizza Joints in NYC-- by Borough

No methodology. Barely and intro. Artichoke, John's of Bleecker, Motorino, Patsy's, Joe's, Luzzo's, Grimaldi's, Juliana's, Paulie Gee's, Best Pizza, Lucali, Roberta's, Di Fara, Totonno's, L&B, Sunnyside Pizza, Boardwalk Pizza, Nick's Pizza, Joe & Pat's, Denino’s Tavern, Zero Otto Nove, Louie & Ernie's, 2 Bros., Tony Boloney's, Pugsley's, and Max Brenner (for dessert pizza).

(List published February, 2015)


AMNY: Best vegan pizza NYC: Vinnie’s, Screamer’s, Double Zero and more

AM New York nods at these eight spots for the best vegan slices in the city: Screamer’s Pizzeria, Double Zero, Cafe Viva, Pizza Beach, Williamsburg Pizza, Two Boots, Vinnie’s Pizzeria, and Paulie Gee’s. No explanation as to how they arrived at these vegan cheese alternatives and dairy-free pies.

(List published August, 2018)


THE SKINNY PIG: 8 Best Pizza Slices in NYC 2017

Influencer Dara Pollak (@skinnypignyc) notes her picks for the eight best slices in New York City: Joe's, Prince Street, Emmy Squared, Rubirosa, Speedy Romeo, Rossopomodoro, Vinnie's, and Di Fara.

(List published June, 2017)


GUEST OF A GUEST: Guide To NYC's Best Pizza

Guest of a Guest thankfully explains that they considered (and tasted) both traditional New York slices and pies, as well as taking a look at some of the non-traditional choices. They stuck to places in Manhattan and Brooklyn to keep it simple, and said their only criteria was “that the pizza would be nothing gimmicky,” and they “weren't looking for the best 99-cent/dollar slice joint.” Their 14 picks: Suprema, Artichoke, Lombardi's, L'asso (closed), Motorino, Two Boots, Patsy's, Vezzo, Di Fara, L&B, Totonno's, Grimaldi's, Saraghina, and Roberta's.

(List published January, 2012)


SPINLISTER: Brooklyn Pizza Tour: A Bike Ride To Some Of New York’s Best Pizza Shops

Bike rental and sharing service Spinlister put together an 11-mile Brooklyn pizza bike tour to “some of the most celebrated shops you’ll find this side of the East River.” Their picks: Paulie Gee's, Best Pizza, Roberta's, Speedy Romeo, and Di Fara.

(List undated)


ROUGH GUIDES: The Best Historic Pizza Restaurants in New York

No stated methodology from the author of Rough Guide’s piece, Stephen Keeling, co-author of Rough Guide to New York, who “lives in the East Village above a Papa John’s and a Joey Pepperoni Pizza, opposite Motorino, Vinny Vincenz and 2 Bros Pizza, and, thankfully, around the corner from Artichoke Pizza.” His picks: Lombardi’s, Totonno's, John's Pizzeria, Patsy's, L&B, Denino's, Ray's Prince Street Pizza (closed), Di Fara, Famous Ray's (closed), and Juliana's.

(List published March, 2013)


THE NEW YORK TIMES: Staten Island Pizzas That Stood the Test of Time

Then recently departed Village Voice restaurant critic Robert Sietsema penned this list of Staten Island Pizza spots in 2013. The methodology? “As [Staten] island marks the first anniversary of the October storm, I drove over the bridge to see how the pizzas have held up.” Sietsema’s picks: Brother's, Denino's, Goodfella's, Joe & Pat's, Lee's Tavern, Nunzio's, and Pizza D'Oro.

(List published October, 2013)


THIRTEEN: The Hunt For Manhattan’s Best Pizza

Give credit to Colin Hagedorf for having the idea, the persistence, and the commitment to methodically eat 400 slices over more than two years at every pizzeria in Manhattan in order to seek out his picks for the best pizza in Manhattan and write his book Slice Harvester: A Memoir in Pizza. But. What. A. Bizarre. List: Suprema, Sauce Pizzeria, Siena Pizza, Iggy's, Gino's Pizza, Mariella Pizza, Rocky's I, and Rosetti's Pizza.

(List published August, 2016)


WHAT SHOULD WE DO: Our IT Guy Knows Way More About New York City Pizza Than You Do

What Should We Do's "unassuming yet authoritative voice" on pizza, tech guy and "slice sage" Mark Romano weighs in with his picks for the best pizza in New York City: John's of Bleecker Street, Bleecker Street Pizza, Joe's, Artichoke, Emily, Kesté, Corner Slice, Prince Street Pizza, Di Fara, Totonno's, Joe & Pat's, Rubirosa, Razza, Roberta's, and Lucali. Can has playlist.

(List published June, 2018)


Mommy Nearest: The Best Pizza in New York City for Families

Mommy Nearest, "did the best we could to do the tasting for you." Behold their “list of 12 faves for families.” Their picks: L&B, Rubirosa, Artichoke, Eataly Flatiron, John's of Bleecker, Ribalta, Patsy's, Zero Otto Nove, Denino's, Pizza Beach, Juliana's, and Vezzo. “Because if there's one thing we know it's that to raise a true city kid, you've got to make sure their pizza palate is diverse!” That’s true.

(List published May, 2017)


FOODIE TRAVEL USA: New York City’s Best Pizza

Foodie Travel turned to pizza experts Scott Weiner of Scott’s Pizza Tours and, ahem, yours truly for things to avoid (places that look like they’re trying too hard, and those that have 30 pies out) and things to look for (unassuming, old-school spots with someone’s name attached). The article’s experts picked the following places as the ones to hit: Joe's, Suprema, Patsy's, Luigi's, Scarr's, Louie & Ernie's, New Park PIzza, Best Pizza, and Prince Street.

(List undated)


THE STANDARD HOTELS: Frank Pinello's Guide to NYC Pizza

Frank Pinello, the host of The Pizza Show on MUNCHIES and owner of Best Pizza in Williamsburg gives the hotel group’s blog his picks: Joe's Pizza, Bleecker Street Pizza, Prince St. Pizza, Kesté, John’s of Bleecker Street, Best Pizza, Lucali, Di Fara, and Roberta's.

(List published March, 2018)


NYCGO: NYC's Best Pizza Slices

O.G. pizza writer Adam Kuban penned this list of New York City's best pizza slices for NYCgo. Kuban is a methodology in and of himself, but I reached out to ask him what his was for this list and he said he picked places he'd send tourists where they wouldn't be disappointed ("I'd hope") if he only had a few picks in each borough: Joe's, Best Pizza, Louie & Ernie's, Joe & Pat's, L&B, Rizzo's, Sal & Carmine, Patsy's, Naples 45, Rosario's Deli, Artichoke, Sharkey's Square, Famous Frank's Original Pizza, Di Fara, Prince Street Pizza, and Williamsburg Pizza.

(List published February, 2016)


JOHNNY JET: Where to Find the Best Pizza in New York City 

The travel newsletter/site tapped travel experts Zach Honig (The Points Guy), Dan Nainan (, Lee Abbamonte (, Pauline Frommer (Frommer’s EasyGuide to New York City 2018), Mark Orwoll (, Nomadic Matt (, and Ian Livingston ( for these picks: Lombardi's, Lions and Tigers and Squares, Joe's, John's of Bleecker Street, Kesté, Totonno's, John's of Times Square, Suprema, Luigi's, Speedy Romeo, Roberta's, Paulie Gee's, and Emily.

(List published August, 2018)


AHOY: Cheap Eats: The Best Pizza in New York City for Under $5

No methodology from the tour and tasting company: Joe's, Best Pizza, L&B, Table 87, 2 Bros., 99 Cent Fresh Pizza, and Vinny Vincenz.

(List published August, 2018)


BON APPÉTIT: What’s the Best New York Slice? I Ate at 30 Pizza Joints to Find Out

Bon Appétit's Alex Delany ate at 30 of the New York City’s best slice joints in two days with the intention of finding the best plain slice in the five boroughs. Pizza had to be triangular, had to be sold by the slice... plain cheese only. Good ground rules. He also considered price and wait time. There are specifics about what good sauce, dough, and cheese are, and there's an explanation about what he's seeking in ingredient ratio. He named Scarr’s the best slice in the city. followed by New Park Pizza and Best Pizza. Runners up included: Joe's, L'Industrie, Luigi's, and Louie & Ernie's. There were 22 other spots visited but they didn't technically make the list so any non-repeats didn't make the map.

(List published June, 2018)


FIRST WE FEAST: The Most Underrated Pizza in NYC

For this list’s methodology, pizzerias were deemed "underrated" that consistently do fantastic pizza but “whose names don’t roll off the tongue of the average New Yorker.” Yours truly picked: Louie & Ernie's, Fascati Pizza, Margherita Pizza, Lee's Tavern, Amore Pizza, J&V, Luigi's, Brunetti, Mario's, and Luzzo's.

(List published January, 2017)


THE DAILY MEAL: 50 Best Pizzas in New York

For this list, the New York spots that made several years’ worth of The Daily Meal’s 101 Best Pizzas in America list were pulled together. So this is a list of pizzerias chosen by panels of experts over several years. The list (which I penned), included places in and around New York City. For these purposes, only spots in the five boroughs were added to the map.

(List published September, 2014)


EATER: 22 Stellar Sit-Down Pizzerias in NYC

Eater’s methodology is "the best pizza served to the table with wine and other accoutrements." Spots include: Patsy's, Motorino, Marta, Brunetti, Mani in Pasta, Johhn's of Bleeckert St., Kesté, Paulie Gee's, Joe & Pat's, Rubirosa, Una Pizza Napoletana, Nick's, Emmy Squared, Forcella, Roberta's, Adrienne's Pizzabar, Ops, Santa Panza, Fortina, Sottocasa, Lucali, and Camillo.

(List updated March, 2019)


EATER: 10 Great Old-Fashioned Brooklyn Neighborhood Pizzerias

Robert Sietsema’s methodology: “On my travels around Brooklyn, I make a point of pausing for a slice whenever one of these old places looms into view.” The 10 of his favorite old-fashioned neighborhood pizzerias still turning out an excellent product despite the passage of time are: Bad Boys Pizza, Espresso Pizzeria, Luigi’s Pizza, Not Ray’s, Original Pizza, Pizza Chef, Rocco Pizza III, Sabrina’s, and Sal’s Pizzeria.

(List published May, 2015)

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 5.13.49 PM.png

EATER: New York’s Best New Pizzerias Serve Pizza by the Slice

Ryan Sutton lists “the best (and not quite best) pizzerias that have opened, re-opened, or spun-off in the past year or so,” circa July, 2018. The list includes: Sullivan Street Bakery 2.0, Corner Slice, PQR, Una Pizza Napoletana, Joe & Pat’s, Emily West Village, Lions & Tigers & Squares, Di Fara North 3rd St., and Mother Dough.


EATER: 10 Old-Fashioned New York Neighborhood Pizzerias

Eater's senior critic Robert Sietsema’s celebration of “neighborhood pizzerias,” ones that “deserve acclamation for consistently turning out a voluptuous product.” The places: Napoli’s Best Pizza, Pizzatown, Tony’s, Mr. Phil’s, Tu Arepa Pizza Café, Olga’s, Stella’s, Pizza D’Oro, Giovanni’s Pizzeria, and San Marco.

(List published August, 2015)


EATER: The Neighborhood Pizzeria Hall of Fame Presents: The Golden Slice Awards

Eater's senior critic lists 10 of his favorite neighborhood slice shops, stalwarts that “have unceasingly provided delicious nourishment at astonishingly cheap prices to rich and poor alike, but their massive achievements have largely gone unsung.” Eater’s subsequent October, 2016 list says they awarded the first round of figurative “Golden Slices” in July, but this July piece says, it presents “10 more distinguished neighborhood spots with a figurative Golden Slice.” There’s little more to explain how places are chosen and as indicated above, it’s all very thorough. Anyway, here are these 10: Korner Pizza, Ivana’s Pizzeria, Mario’s, Astoria Hot Pizza, Franklin Pizza, Kiss My Slice, Sal and Carmine Pizza, Donna Bella, Bravo Pizza, and Underground Pizza.

(List published July, 2016)



Eater’s senior critic Robert Sietsema’s second, or third list of his favorite neighborhood slice shops. Hard to tell from what’s actually been written in the preceding two lists. Kind of par for the course for Sietsema—he once called Archie’s, which Archie’s says is Greek/New England style pizza, “the best approximation of Connecticut-style pizza in the borough of Brooklyn,” so I don’t trust most of what he writes about pizza. The 10 spots: Gloria Pizza, University Pizza, My Little Pizzeria, Rocky’s Pizzeria, Andre’s Pizza, Tomato-N-Basil Pizza, Steinway Pizza, NY Pizza Suprema, Tony’s Pizza Spot, and Village Pizza.

(List published October, 2016)


EATER: The New York City Neighborhood Pizzeria Hall of Fame

Eater critic Robert Sietsema’s third list (?) of the city’s most distinguished local pizza parlors? This March, 2016 list says it's the third such list, but the October list says the first list was published in July. Someone has missed a beat. Anyway, here are the “10 fantastic examples that belong in [Eater’s] Neighborhood Pizzeria Hall of Fame”: Armando's, Bergen Pizza, Broadway Pizza and Pasta, Daro's Pizza & Chicken, Golden Pizza, Joe's Pizza, Luigi's (Bronx), Lunetta, Sam's Famous, and Triangolo Pizza.

(List published March, 2016)


EATER: NYC’s Top Pizza Slices, Mapped

The headline says this is Eater’s list of New York City’s top pizza slices, but the lead is all about neighborhood pizzerias so it seems like a continuation of the Golden Slice awards, only there are more than 80 this time, places that “must sell pizza by the slice; cook its pies in stacked gas ovens that burn at around 550 degrees or below; and, in general, not be part of a chain with multiple outlets.” The pizza must be “good enough to eat with great pleasure, day after day, year after year.”

(List published March, 2018)


COMPLEX: The 25 Best Pizza Places in NYC

“After years of scouring the streets, sampling everything, we bring you the 25 Best Pizza Places in NYC.” The spots: Mario's Restaurant, John's Pizzeria, Original Pizza, V&M Pizza Town, Brother's Pizza (SI), New Park Pizza, Veloce (closed), Giovanni's Restaurant, Joe's Pizza, Denino's Pizzeria & Tavern, Da Vinci Pizza, Dani's House of Pizza, Artichoke, Lenny & John's, Motorino, Trattoria Zero Otto Nove, Mariella Pizza, Joe & Pat's, Gino's Pizzeria & Restaurant, Totonno's, Lombardi's, Patsy's, L&B, Grimaldi's, and Di Fara.

(List published September, 2011)


SPOON UNIVERSITY: 50 Epic Pizzas to Eat in NYC Before You Die

“Pizza is literally everywhere, and we choose the most epic pizzas so you don’t have to go through the grueling process of choosing,” Spoon explains, acknowledging that “pizza snobs” (they link to Serious Eats) have their favorite picks. Among the 50 places picked there are sushi and deep-fried pizza (the Texas state fair, not the Montanara type) so…

(List undated)


PUREWOW: The Most Amazing Slices of Pizza in NYC, Ranked

“New York City has the best pies in the entire universe—but not all slices are created equal,” Pure Wow notes, “so we’ve narrowed it down to the 30 pizzas in the city you absolutely must try.” No word on how. Here are their 20: Franny's, Co., Artichoke, Rose & Joe's Italian Bakery, Bleecker Street Pizza, Rizzo's, Lucali, John's of Bleecker St., Prince Street, Grimaldi's, Joe & Pat's, Motorino, Juliana's, Bruno, Emily, L&B, Rubirosa, Lombardi's, Paulie Gee's, Marta, Kesté, Joe's, Don Antonio by Starita, Speedy Romeo, Pizza Moto, Best PIzza, Patsy's, Di Fara, Totonno's, and Roberta's.

(List published January 2016)



No methodology. The picks include Patsy’s Pizza, Sam’s Famous Pizza, Artichoke, Joe's, and Lombardi's, with an "honorable mention" for 2 Bros., which it describes as "true New York City pizza." Sigh.

(List undated)


New York Magazine: The City's Top Twenty Pies of the Moment

The Robs list “the city’s top twenty pies of the moment” circa July, 2009: Kesté, Una Pizza, Franny's, Co., Zero Otto Nove, Luzzo's, Veloce, Motorino, La Pizza Fresca, Di Fara, Nick's, Emporio, Fresco, Adrienne's, Saraghina, Salvatore of Soho, Sullivan St. Bakery, Artichoke, Coals, and Patsy's.

(List published July, 2009)


THE VILLAGE VOICE: The 10 Best Pizzas in NYC, 2013

The Village Voice’s then restaurant critic Zachary Feldman bemoans TripAdvisor's "bogus pizza rankings" as being "crowdsourcing gone awry" then picks 10 of his own without noting a methodology: John’s of Bleecker Street, Don Antonio by Starita, Motorino, Paulie Gee's, Speedy Romeo, Roberta's, Joe & Pat's, Best Pizza, Totonno's, and Di Fara.

(List published October, 2013)


OPENTABLE: The Best Pizza in New York City

Like TripAdvisor or any of these other sites using their own data, OpenTable’s list is going to be a little skewed. Something about its picks are going to just be “not right.” Still, it’s interesting to see what its users thought at the time and at least there was a methodology, flawed as it might be:
”pulled data from thousands of restaurants to find the top spots among OpenTable's most expert, seasoned diners.” The 19 spots: Barbuto, Altesi, Bice Cucina, Masseria dei Vini, Lil' Frankie's, Giorgione, Paola's, Vic's, Leuca, Obica Mozzarella Bar Pizza e Cucina, Angelo's, Rosemary's, Blue Seafood Bar, Pizza Secret, Freds Madison at Barney's, Ribalta, Tramonti La Pizza, Lazzara's, and Bleecker Street Pizza.


GAYOT: Top 10 Pizza Restaurants in New York

Selections by Gayot's editors provided without much commentary or explanation about process: Artichoke, Di Fara, Don Antonio by Starita, Kesté, Lucali, Motorino, Pasquale Jones, Ribalta, Roberta's, and Tavola.

(List undated)


GOTHAMIST: The 13 Best New Pizza Places In NYC

“A few years ago Gothamist spent weeks gorging on all manner of slices and pies to compile an exhaustive list of the best pizza in NYC,” author Scott Lyncb notes.
That compilation is still 100% valid…however, new places never stop opening.” So they picked the best new spots—or, at least, new since their last list: Mama's Too, Scarr's, Santa Panza, Emmy Squared, Emily West Village, PQR, Mani in Pasta, Big Ragu (closed), Corner Slice, Sorbillo, L'Industrie, Loverboy (stopped making pizza), Ops, and Massoni.

(List published April, 2018)


CBS: NYC’s Best Pizza Pies: Top Slices In The 5 Boroughs

Barely a three-sentence intro without a methodology: Sutton Pizza, Artichoke, Grimaldi’s, Joe’s, Di Fara, L&B, New Park Pizzeria, Roberta’s, Saluggi's, Spunto, and Sal & Carmine's.

(List published February, 2017)


iExplore: NY Pizza Bible: The 10 Best Slices in the Big Apple

iExplore "compiled a list of the best, most authentic New York style pizzerias in all five boroughs." No word on how, but they do use a plain cheese slice baseline: Suprema, Amore, Di Fara, Joe's, Louie & Ernie's, Denino's, Freddy's Pizzeria, John's of Bleecker St., Best Pizza, and Patsy's.

(List undated)


AMNewYork: Brooklyn pizza: Best slices and pies in the borough

“A look at some of Brooklyn's best pies and slices — from no-frills pizzerias where you can grab a slice to-go to hipster meccas with massive wait lists.” No explanation as to how they arrived at this list: Di Fara, Roberta's, L&B, Juliana's, Grimaldi's, Lucali, Best Pizza, Totonno's, Motorino, Paulie Gee's, Antonio's, Wheated, Emily, Emmy Squared, Tony's Pizzeria & Restaurant, and Monte's.

(List published March, 2017)


AMNEWYORK: Queens pizza: Best slices and pies in the NYC borough

“The pizza kings of Queens.” No methodology: Milkflower, VIPizza, Brother's Pizzeria, Pizza Garden, Basil Brick Oven Pizza, Gaby’s Pizza, Dani’s House of Pizza, New Park Pizza, Nick’s Pizza, and Carlos Pizzeria.

(List published April, 2018)


AMNEWYORK: Staten Island pizza: Best slices and pies in the borough

No methodology, but some good-looking pizza: Denino's, Lee's Tavern, Joe & Pat's, Nunzio's, Pizzeria Giove, Mona Lisa, Paulie's Pizzeria, Campania Coal-Fired Pizza, Pier 76, and Tony's Brick Oven Pizza.

(List published December, 2018)


ONE HUNGRY JEW: Best pizza manhattan 

Influencer Rayna Greenberg of @onehungryjew picks her favorite Manhattan spots: Artichoke, Joe's, Bleecker Street Pizza, John's of Bleecker Street, Emily, Marta, Motorino, Massoni, Patsy's, Prince St., Speedy Romeo, and Rubirosa.

(List undated)


ONE HUNGRY JEW: Best pizza Brooklyn

Influencer Rayna Greenberg of @onehungryjew picks her favorite Brooklyn spots: Artichoke, Emmy Squared, Best Pizza, Di Fara, Motorino, L&B, Paulie Gee's, Totonno's, Roberta's, Fornino, Emily, Joe's, Lucali, Emily, and Speedy Romeo.

(List undated)


DAILY NEWS: What's the best pizza in New York City? Just ask the News' online readers

The Daily News tasked hundreds of online readers to write in with their picks. The News tallied their votes and visited the winner in each borough. Here are the city's borough-wide reader picks: Di Fara, Valducci's, Pala, Bella Via, and Crosby Pizza Shop.

(List published August, 2008)



Wow. Snow indexed every “Best Pizza In New York” list between 2012 and 2015. He then examined “the highest-rated pizza places on Yelp (proxy for experience), cross-referenced with the most-rated places on Yelp (proxy for popularity).” Then he ran a script to find which places most frequently occurred. The results: Di Fara, Roberta’s, Lucali, Paulie Gee's, Totonno, Motorino, Franny’s, Joe’s Pizza, John’s of Bleecker St., Patsy's, Best Pizza, Keste, Don Antonio, Grimaldi’s, and Lombardi’s.

(List published February, 2015)


SERIOUS EATS: 10 Best Pizzas in NYC

The Serious Eats team debated. Their criteria? “When deciding on this list, certainly history, setting, and pedigree had an impact, but in the end, it was all about the flavor. We didn't care whether the joint was 80 years old, or 8 months old, as long as they served a tasty pie.” And here they are. Their favorite pizzas in the city: Motorino, Di Fara, Paulie Gee's, Pier 76, Totonno's, Sal & Carmine's, L&B, Best Pizza, Artichoke, and Patsy's.

(List published July, 2011)